French Clay & Peppermint

Another customer favorite! The French clay gives this soap a distinctive mild green tone. Scented with Peppermint essential oil.

Moroccan Clay & Sweet Orange 

We use the finest Moroccan clay available combined with sweet Orange essential oil.

Rose Bouquet

With dried red rose petals and a wonderful rose bouquet fragrance oil this soap is the perfect gift for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.


(with organic oatmeal)

We use organic steel cut oats and colloidal oatmeal in this classic soap. Note: this soap is unscented.

Scent Patchouli (EO) Lavender (EO) Unscented

Shea Butter & Patchouli

Always a crowd pleaser! A great combo of sweet Shea butter and Indian Patchouli.

Calendula & Sweet Orange

With dry Calendula flowers (Marigold) and sweet Orange essential oil. Very popular!

Holiday Confetti

Holiday Confetti is mix of textures, fragrances & essential oils. It's always a surprise and no two batches are alike!

Limited availability October thru December.

Our choice of green or red bag.

Shaving Soap

A special blend of natural oils and butters with that old fashion barber shop fragrance. Creamy & smooth. Available in 4 oz container. Coming soon....

Buy Our Unique Soaps using the options below each item. All soaps are $7 per bar with free shipping. If ordering more than 5 soaps of the same type use the bulk ordering feature at the end of this page & specify type of soap.

Bulk Deal

5 bars of soap for $32.50, shipping included. Mix bars from seller's choice only.

Goat Milk Hand & BodyLotion (with silk amino acids) 3oz/89ml

By popular demand! Our Goat Milk Lotion is available in a handy travel size (3oz only) in several decadent Essential/Fragrance oils: Lavender EO, Patchouli EO, Coconut FO, Rose Bouquet FO & Berry-Melon FO and unscented. Awesome!!!

100% Nubian Goat Milk Soaps

Pure & Simple

Just the finest oils and sweet, rich and creamy milk our Nubians goats produce. Simple the best natural soap we can produce. Nothing added & unscented.

Happy Nubian Soap 


With a citrus/lemony scent this soap is a customer's favorite. It contains lemongrass essential oil and organic lemongrass flakes.


Our number one selling soap. It contains Lavender essential oil and Lavender buds .


award winning SOAPs.
100% Nubian goat milk soap
No artificial Dyes
or preservatives Proudly handcrafted in

Florence, arizona.

Atlantic Kelp

(wih organic Kelp)

Kelp is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Scented with a delicate ocean breeze fragrance oil.

Cinnamon & Sugar

Totally irresistible Cinnamon and sticky bun fragrance! Contains organic brown sugar crystals. Best gift for the holidays!


A special blend of Essential/Fragrance oils, organic oatmeal and lavender buds. Available in a royal blue bag. Try it! Limited edition.